Online News versus Offline News

Offline media like Television, Radio and Newspaper have been used to create awareness and disseminate information about the world for decades now. And each medium has its pros and cons. But, with the recent invasion of online news, offline news has faced the brunt of failure.

The battles between the media will always continue as the competition toughens. A very important fragment of media is the information they disseminate regarding entertainment, economics, politics, technology and lifestyle. Among the many innovative ways to promote new dissemination brands, online marketing has become a hit. It has become evident that online news has advantages that offline news has not been able to cope up with.

• Online news is more flexible as it can be viewed from your laptop, computer, tablet or even handheld device which has internet access.  Living in the age of technology, touch-screens and androids are taking over.

If news can be read with such convenience the consumers too increase. This proves to be one of the most inexpensive and time-saving mode of communication.

• Other media have become old school as the advent of Internet augments. And as the present generation speeds its way through, the media too have modified their ways of promoting news. Today, with increasing number of people preferring to access news on the internet, conventional news disseminating brands such as leading newspapers and channels are compelled to adopt internet marketing strategies in Vancouver, to appeal to their target audience. These brands are now expected to all run their own websites, be active on twitter and even offer applications on social networking websites and smart phones to facilitate easy access to news and other information.

• If one needs to find older articles, it becomes difficult through conventional methods, since newspapers are usually kept away and Television and Radio cannot always record and save all the news. However, this is possible with online news. The website saves all the older articles in archives for future reference. Information becomes available easily and makes the consumers happy.

• When breaking news is covered, to upload the video or article online is much faster than printing it in newspapers or broadcasting it on Television or Radio. Again, online news overtakes offline news.

• Benefit of finding information on websites is more flexible. Whereas, offline media is restricted to what they assert. The World Wide Web helps you and allows you to find more information as well. Making knowledge available at the tip of your fingers.

• Research and studies show more new pages are searched and viewed online, everyday. By categorizing the news as per its genre has made the information more user-friendly and handy to common man. 

• It is seen that Internet usage has good amount of traffic. Making it obvious, that information found online is credible and more sort after- catching the attention of its target audience.

This inexpensive and eco-friendly mode of broadcasting news has overhauled other means of offline news. However, Television, Radio and Newspapers will not cease to exist any time soon, since there are still a few areas that the internet has not been able to penetrate.

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