Sensex nifty, live stock quotes and entertainment news in India

If you are into long term investment, there is less risk of becoming a victim of any downtrend. The companies you are investing have to have a good growth track record with little downfalls. This is what market analysts say given the high volatility of the market. Yes, the sensex nifty are not performing up to the expectations of the investors. It will be more than 8 months now that the sensex nifty are showing no signs of uptrend. Market analysts predict of a short bounce back but again there is no prediction of uptrend by the end of the year. With weak global cues, the markets are affected further. If you view the live stock quotes and compare the same with the past several days, you will be surprised with the results; there is so much fluctuation! If it is trading for the short term, watching the live stock quotes every now and then is a must. Otherwise, as aforesaid, long term investment will rightly serve your return purpose.


So, where do you view the live stock quotes? For a majority, or to say, all investors, a news portal serves as the platform.

As per the pre noon stock market trade (22nd August), the sensex nifty exhibited uptrend. But on an average, as was the downtrend noticed over the past several days, sectors ranging from IT, capital goods, metals to banking and auto sectors witness huge selling leading to the lowering of the figures. With the fears of a possible US recession, IT companies in India that are dependent on the US market have started to show downfalls. If you are viewing live stock quotes in IT for buying or selling, you will opt for the second. You can still get some good returns if you have invested for the long term in these IT companies; do not then panic viewing the IT live stock quotes. At one point of time the sensex nifty will see regular uptrend and maximum returns on your investment is for certain.


When we speak about entertainment news in India, all news lovers do stay updated about this section. There is again hardly any who does not watch loving movies. Right from TV serials to movies, information about film stars, etc. entertainment news in India covers all. In short, Bollywood news can be termed entertainment news in India in the true sense of the term!

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