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There are various modes of entertainment but watching a film has been always the favorite for many. Other means of entertainment include gardening, reading painting and a multitude of others. Choosing the mode of entertainment depends a lot on the personal taste of the person.  For a majority of people across the globe belonging to various cross sections watching a film has been found to be the most enticing method of pass time. It keeps people away from worries for a couple of hours and transports them to another world. Fascination for films can be seen in young and old alike. Films which are enjoyed by a major section of the society are the ones which become classics and people like to watch them more number of times. It is not possible to see them whenever they feel like.

In days gone by it was possible only when the film was released. This aspect has now been taken care by the advances in the technology. People need not wait to see any movie they want, they can now see them using internet. There are numerous websites which provide free films. One can now see any movie without having to wait for its re-release. There are many websites which provide not just pictures but information about the latest releases. Information about the new films is given with a short introduction to the main scheme of the movie.


The experience can be enhanced by watching movies which provide them in the DivX format. It is a pleasure to watch DivX movies as they have a very clear reception. The sound and the picture quality are very good. It gives a razor sharp image and high fidelity sound to make the experience a pleasurable one. It is a format in which video signal is compressed to improve the quality of signal. As it is compressed it takes lesser space and movies can be downloaded quicker. To watch DivX movies one should have a compatible player installed in the computer. The DivX codtec is easily available on many websites. It does not cost anything to download the player.


It is like any other social networking website where members can post their comments and there is a constant addition of these comments to the website. People can also upload clips of their favorite movie of TV shows to share it with other like minded people. With the help of technology one can now sit at home and can watch movies belonging to different decades without paying any money. All that one need is a computer with internet connection and to become a member of a free films website. Movies are watched for many different reasons like celebrations, escape from daily dreariness of life and sometimes to pep up the dull mood. Most of the websites are filled up with celebrity information too. The hectic daily schedules and the price hikes of the tickets have turned people to the alternative method of fulfilling their hunger for movies.


Pictures made in different countries can be found on these websites. Most of these movies come with subtitles for people who wish to see movies of other languages but do not understand them. It is one way to see movies made in other countries and to understand their culture.

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