President Elect Barack Obama Makes History Tonight

At the young age of 36, I never thought I would see an African American President in my lifetime. As an elementary school student I discovered how the world worked. Parents and teachers told us we could be anything we wanted to be even the President of the United States of America. Some of us looked at each other and rolled our eyes because we couldn't even get an African American class president elected.

However, last night I saw for the very first time an African American man elected as the next President of the United States of America. And that man was Barack Obama.

In the sea of faces that were gathered in support of President-Elect Barack Obama were African Americans, Caucasian Americans, Asians Americans, Hispanics Americans, and those of Middle Eastern descent in the crowds. And the same tear that was rolling down my cheek was rolling down the cheek of several other ethnic groups.

You could see that all Americans wanted change and that was the key to winning this election.

We want a government that will fight for us and that's what most Americans believe they have found in President Elect Barack Obama. Change healthcare and education in this country and to that I say, "Yes we can."

It's time to repair this economy and focus on bringing our troops home. And to that I say again, "Yes we can."

I'm fully aware that change doesn't happen overnight and that we will have to continue to fight for change in this country. But what we now have on our side is a President that wants change too.

So when President Elect Barack Obama spoke of the 106 year old woman and what she has seen in her lifetime and what historical event she witnessed tonight. I say shame on me for not believing, shame on me for not dreaming.

Now when I look into my children's faces and say, "You can be anything you want to be even the President of the United States of America." I know that they know what mommy is saying is the truth.

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