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What is the first thing you look for, when you pick up a tabloid promptly in the morning? Is it even required to mention that there are more entertainment news aficionados than the ones interested to read world news, the goings-on in politics or check out the Tech and Science section to know about how many mysterious clouds have been spotted on Mars? If you are one of the Hollywood or bollywood news and gossip fans then, pick any good online news portal and be updated on all that’s happening in the entertainment industry. Entertainment news is available on your printed weekly and also online.

Why do online papers have an edge over printed ones?

The web lets the printed newspapers on a daily basis to vie with television, and other means of broadcast reporting in presenting their news.

In the past, if you wanted to read about an event which took place an evening before, you had to hang around till morning. Online news portals are posted a number of times a day, so that you know about an incident the second it happens. Online newspapers do not need huge printing expenses or manual delivery; that being its biggest plus! These could be accessed by you from the ease of your house with a few clicks!

On the whole online newspapers are pretty similar to printed newspapers. They need to meet the terms by the equal legal limitations, such as laws of to privacy and exclusive rights. A daily tabloid contains contents of various field s in the entertainment industry to go with the interests of readers looking for juicy entertainment news.

What more can you find aside from entertainment news?

Apart from leisure, it also contains full coverage of sports events, world news, political news and info on health, travel and lifestyle.

Nearly all papers have different sections given to trade news and economics. Besides that, there are editorial columns which are rather interesting to read. Also, you will find that just after the front page there are a few pages dedicated to what’s happening in your state and neighborhood. Daily papers have pages for classifieds of some products. There are classified pages that job hunters can stick into to grab newest jobs and much more.

Online newspapers are almost similar to printed ones, except they are more accessible and more often updated. Along with the news in crisp, brief form, you can look at colorful, latest imageries pertaining to the news. Newspapers on the internet are multilingual also. Depending upon the country or state, they are posted in different languages. For an in-depth south Asian newspaper, you can check out the available options on the web.  They are few, but good. In fact nearly all printed newspapers have online editions. So, if you have a favorite tabloid which you want to read on the web instead of the hard-copy, online news portals is a brilliant idea!

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